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Professional Pool Filter Cleaning Service in Little Rock

Your pool's filter is the heart of your circulation system, responsible for trapping dirt, debris and contaminants to keep water clean and clear. However, a neglected or overused filter can become clogged and put excess strain on your pump, leading to cloudy water, algae buildup, and even equipment breakdowns.

At Incredible Pool, we understand the importance of proper pool filter maintenance. That's why our comprehensive filter cleaning service is a core part of our pool care programs in Little Rock.

Why Professional Filter Cleaning is Essential

For a backyard pool oasis that looks (and feels) fresh all season, regular filter cleaning is a must. When filters become clogged:

  • Water circulation is poor, leading to cloudy or green pool water
  • Algae and bacteria can quickly take over an unmaintained pool
  • Your pump has to work harder, driving up energy costs
  • Excess strain on equipment can lead to costly breakdowns

With our filter cleaning service, you can avoid these issues and extend the lifespan of your filters and equipment.

Our Comprehensive Filter Cleaning Process

Our trained and certified technicians follow a thorough process to ensure your pool's filter is thoroughly cleaned:

  1. Filter Removal - We carefully remove the filter housing and safely secure the filter element.
  2. Chemical Soaking - The filter is soaked in an enzyme solution to break down oils, greases and tough contaminants.
  3. Pressure Washing - Using high-pressure heated water, we power wash and agitate the filter pleats to remove all debris.
  4. Inspection & Repairs - The filter element is closely inspected for cracks or damage and repaired/regrooved if needed.
  5. Reinstallation - The freshly cleaned filter is reinstalled, housing is reassembled, and system is restarted.

Filter Cleaning Service for Every Need

Whether you have a cartridge, D.E., or sand filter system, our team has the expertise to properly clean and maintain every type of residential pool filter. We offer:

  • Filter Maintenance - For pool owners who want the ultimate in clean, clear water at all times.
  • Filter Cleaning - Our most popular service for busier households who want hassle-free upkeep.
  • Green Pool Filter Cleanings - Our multi-step process to thoroughly flush algae and revive filters in neglected pools.
  • Filter Inspection & Repairs - We inspect filters for damage and make repairs to eliminate leaks or replace elements.

Don't let a dirty, clogged filter ruin your pool season. Trust Incredible Pool to keep your filter (and pool) in pristine condition all year.

Why Little Rock Trusts Incredible Pool

For over 20 years, our team of trained pool professionals has been providing unmatched filter cleaning and pool maintenance services throughout Little Rock. Hundreds of homeowners choose us as their trusted pool service company because:

  • We are licensed, insured and certified in pool/spa operations
  • Our skilled technicians have years of hands-on filter service experience
  • We use truck-mounted, state-of-the-art filter cleaning equipment
  • Our attention to detail ensures a sparkling finish every time
  • Our consistent, reliable service keeps your pool swimmable all season

Enjoy a hassle-free pool season with cleaner, clearer water thanks to our professional filter cleaning service in Little Rock. Call or request your free quote online today!

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