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Upgrade to a Salt Water Pool System in Little Rock

As a pool owner, you know maintaining proper chlorine levels is essential for clean, safe water. However, constantly buying chlorine and battling to keep levels balanced is a major hassle. Not to mention the potential drawbacks of traditional chlorinated pools like burning eyes, dried-out skin and hair, and that harsh chemical smell.

The solution for easier, more enjoyable pool ownership is upgrading to a salt water chlorination system from Incredible Pool. We provide professional salt system conversions and installations to transform your traditional chlorine pool into a luxurious saltwater pool in Little Rock.

The Benefits of Converting to a Saltwater Pool

Salt water pools use a chlorine generator (salt cell) to convert dissolved salt into chlorine, automatically maintaining proper chlorine levels with minimal effort from you. This innovative sanitation method provides a number of advantages over traditional chlorine pools:

  • Low Maintenance - No more frequent chlorine additions or monitoring chlorine levels.
  • Softer, Silkier Water - The gentle saltwater solution has a refreshing silk-like feel without drying out skin and hair.
  • Clean, Clear Water - Fewer chemicals and contaminants means water stays cleaner and clearer longer.
  • Cost Savings Over Time - You'll save money by not having to continuously buy chlorine.
  • Environmental Friendliness - Saltwater pools use less harsh chemicals that are safer for the environment.

Upgrade your backyard swimming experience today with a salt water conversion from our team of pool professionals.

Our Salt Water Pool Conversion Process

Our trained and certified technicians follow a proven, multi-step process for each pool salt system upgrade. We ensure the job is done right for proper operation and water chemistry:

  1. Pool Preparation - First, we drain your pool water to the proper level and chemically prepare it for conversion.
  2. Salt Cell Installation - A salt chlorine generator (salt cell) is professionally installed on your existing pool pump and plumbing.
  3. Control System Setup - The computerized salt system control panel is installed and programmed for your pool size.
  4. Salt Addition - We add the precise amount of salt required to establish ideal salt levels for clean, soft water.
  5. System Calibration - The generator settings are calibrated to provide the right amount of chlorine for your pool.
  6. Water Balancing - Lastly, we balance all chemical levels like pH and alkalinity per saltwater pool standards.

In just a day's work, your pool is transformed into a refreshing, low-maintenance saltwater retreat.

Salt Water System Options

When upgrading to a saltwater system, Incredible Pool installs top brands like Hayward, Pentair and BioGuard to deliver maximum quality, reliability and efficiency. We provide:

  • Chlorine Generator Systems - For standard in-ground and above ground pools.
  • Premium Salt Systems - Like the Hayward Omni Logic, combining salt chlorine, ORP monitoring and pH control.
  • Saltwater Pool Kits - All-in-one kits for new pool constructions to be built salt water ready.

Our experienced team will assess your pool equipment and make sizing recommendations to ensure optimal chlorination. We also offer salt cell inspection and replacement services to keep your system working its best.

Upgrade Your Traditional Chlorine Pool

Is constantly wrestling with chlorine tablets and test kits making your pool more of a headache than a relaxing escape? Let us convert your existing chlorine pool into a low-maintenance saltwater oasis.

Our certified technicians have extensive training and experience with all aspects of salt system installation and pool conversion. We follow best practices for properly transitioning your pool to ensure ideal water chemistry. We'll have your saltwater pool up and running quickly with instructional tips for easy ongoing care.

Why Incredible Pool for Salt System Upgrades in Little Rock

When upgrading to a premier salt water pool system, you need to partner with a company you can trust. For over 20 years, Incredible Pool has been providing outstanding pool services and installations to the Little Rock area, developing a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Here's why we're the smart choice:

  • Fully licensed and insured company
  • All technicians are APSP certified for salt pool conversions
  • We install top-quality salt system equipment brands
  • Our multi-step conversion process ensures proper setup
  • Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Knowledgeable experts to answer all your saltwater questions

Transform your backyard pool into a luxurious, low-maintenance saltwater oasis with Incredible Pool. Request your free salt system installation quote in Little Rock today!

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